For my child the long term results of attending the P6 therapeutic behavioral program have been life changing, not only for him, but for our family. Our son has Autism and his developmental disability requires that he learn social and executive functioning skills through intense, consistent and long term repetition. After years of trying to teach these skills in school, private therapy and at home, the onset of adolescence made it clear that he required the intensity and structure that only a milieu treatment approach could provide. Living within a therapeutic community of his peers allows him to achieve quantifiable results at an accelerated rate, which we never dreamed was possible when he first entered the program.

P6 provdes a safe and home like environment that has been thoughtfully designed for the population it serves. The highly trained and experienced staff are kind and dedicated with a low attrition rate which is essential to the success of a residential behavioral treatment program. The other residents are vetted carefully in order to provide a dynamic and vibrant community. Group, family and individual therapy is consistently provided and home visits are supported through preparation during and outside of therapy sessions. As a family we have always been welcomed and encouraged to get to know the other students and staff which is vital during what can be an incredibly difficult transition for the family.

Another way that P6 stands apart from similar programs across the country is where it resides. By layering the myriad of experiences that a world class city such as Los Angeles can offer, the residents are challenged to interface and practice their skills in non-clinical environments under the guidance of therapists and counselors on a daily basis. We have found that LA not only embraces these children but encourages their participation in society which makes for a positive testing ground. The outings are chosen and designed to be motivating, meaningful yet challenging for each resident and reinforce the principles of the program’s behavioral approach. They include: attending concerts, horse riding therapy, museum visits, cooking classes, comic book conventions, as well as visits with seniors and pet shelters. From purchasing food at the local supermarket or farmers market for the residence chef to completing daily personal and community chores – the children are constantly reminded that they are capable and valuable members of society.

This strong foundation allows the children to reenter their home and community environments with a sense of purpose and confidence once they have achieved their individual goals. P6 has given my son the opportunity to have a more independent and productive adult life in the future, which is ultimately the goal for every resident and their family.

– Nicole R.

After years of struggling with limited social skills, my son was in need of a residential treatment program capable of supporting teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Help Group’s Project Six/The Commons met that need.  The decision to entrust a child to the care of others is difficult and the last choice parents want to make. it can be even more complex if the child has a disability. Before entering The Help Group’s Project Six program, my son’s anxiety and inflexibility had become so extreme that he wasn’t making progress in either school or home. His unpredictable behavior turned our home into a chaotic place. He had lost hope for a meaningful future and frequently took his frustration and aggression out on others.

The dedicated and caring therapists of Project Six have been teaching him better ways to cope and communicate with peers and family. Learning these new skills is often a challenge but unlike other settings, Project Six provides many opportunities for the students to safely practice these new skills across a variety of settings. he is now becoming more successful in managing both his emotions and the challenges of daily living. He has a peer group, is working hard in school and is motivated to continue building positive history. It is heart warming and reassuring to hear him talk about reaching the personal goals that previously seemed out of reach. I will always be grateful to the staff of Project Six and The Help Group for making a positive impact in the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

-Parent of a Project Six Residential Student